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Get to know us!

We aren't just business partners; we're life partners too. I'm Natalie, a proud Norwegian, I've been honing my craft since 2016, studying media and communication in Bergen, Norway, before making my mark in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ira is originally from Detroit, Michigan, he has a keen eye for nature's beauty. While event photography initially drew me in, I found my true calling in capturing love and connection through weddings and elopements. I've been able to teach Ira how to go from smartphone snapshots to second-shooting weddings alongside me. And now we get to turn our shared passion into timeless visual stories!


Some fun facts

We're obsessed with:

our two huskies

We used to play:

Hockey // Handball

We were born:

Norway // Detroit

Our guilty pleasure:


Our hobby:

Music & Arts and Crafts

Something we know by memory

all US states by name

Our favorite person:

each other !!

Favorite season:

Summer!! (in Norway)

that's about it... Now

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